Good shock absorption performance, reduce the direct impact on the body

The lighter material to get better shock absorption effect.

Advanced hole foam technology provides better air permeability, wearing more comfortable

Comfort and durability of the products can be used for a long time..

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Information sharing system of factory and hospital can quickly meet the requirements of patients' custom requirements.

Custom-made professional medical appliance parts.The excellent body data collection system of human body engineering make the guest's custom-made possible.

Excellent material options, ensure that customers receive the durability of the product, you can use it for a long time.

Meet the strict requirements of FDA system

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Good PU integral skin-foam skinning system provides excellent physical properties and wear resistant properties.

the low rejection rate of production and excellent cosmetic. ,

Excellent surface properties such as resistance to wipe, detergents, solvents Resistance to perspiration...

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Superior comfort and low odor, low volatile matter content, meet the strictly regulations of ROSH and REACH in European and American.

Ergonomics exterior design

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Excellent permeability

Superior tensile performance

Superior durability...

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The fluidity of pigment can be adjusted by different production condition.It can add to the polyurethane polyol system in advance or directly put in colorant pump. It doesn't increase the cycle time of process...
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Low density filler materials make products with light texture.

Ultra high physical filler materials make products with light weight and durable performance.

Can be applied to several different filler materials...

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