The process of high rebound sponge using cold molding process forming in high elastic resilient cold cure polyurethane foam plastic, with excellent mechanical properties, (high resilience、low hysteresis loss);Higher compression load ratio, the significant sense of sitting comfort; Good fatigue resistance; Similar to touch on the surface of the latex; Good air permeability and flame retardant properties.
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Slow rebound material is designed and developed by NASA, it is the second generation of temperature stress relief material(Visco-Elso astic). Warm sense, refer to the induction on body temperature. Decompression is to absorb the pressure of human body.When human body contact material, material will be sense the human body temperature and become soft gradually, meanwhile,it absorbs pressure of human body, so as to adjust the body to the most comfortable pose state...
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  1. Lightweight polyurethane has many advantages: low density, soft texture , comfortable and light; Good dimensional stability, long storage life; Excellent wear resistance, flexural resistance; Good heat resistance performance; Good chemical resistance and so on. Lightweight polyurethane used in the manufacture of insoles, cushion, etc.
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Polyurethane sealing system has many good qualities, including: (1) the performance adjustable range is wide and strong adaptability (2)Good wear-resisting performance; (3) High mechanical strength; (4) Good adhesive performance ; (5) Good elasticity, excellent resilience, can be used for dynamic joint; (6) low temperature flexibility; (7) good weather resistance, service life for up to 15~20 years; (8) good oil resistance; (9) biological aging resistance; (10) the price is moderate...
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Polyurethane elastomer has good tensile strength, tensile strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, etc. Mainly used as coating material(such as hose, washer, belting leather, roller, gear, such as the pipeline protection), insulators, soles and solid tyre, etc...
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Polyurea is on-site sprayed by raw materials ,such as half pre-polymerization, amine-terminated polyether, amino chain extender.Its hydrophobic is extremely strong and not sensitive to environment humidity, can even coating film on the water (or ice).Polyurea can be normal construction under extreme environmental conditions. polyurea completely has broke the traditional concept of corrosion and protection, and it has set a higher standard for material protection industry...
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PU floor is a catchall for all polyester paint, its film-forming method is natural film-forming, no special process.Comprehensive performance is good;Good hardness, good fullness, good adhesion, good durability and feel is good.With thin film is not very hard;But its very good adhesion (even apply to teak , not to mention other);Its shiny and looks not very bright, and it can well display the floor's spinning principle and color...
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